Saturday, 24 October 2015

Who have the best team of wedding photographers in Sydney?

A photographer is a person who captures photos.  A professional photographer is likely to take photographs to earn money. Professional photographers may be an employee, a freelancer and some workers such as crime scene detectives, estate agents, journalists, or scientists make photographs as a part of other work.
Photographers also classified on the based on the subject they photographs. For example: Street photographer, documentary photographer, fashion photographer, wedding photographer, war photographer, aviation photographer and commercial photographer.
Wedding photographers capture snaps at wedding ceremony and type of photography called wedding photography.
History of wedding photographers and photography:-
According to technology of photography, wedding photography also rapidly gets advanced time to time. Before 19th century couple did not give pose for wedding photographs, but after mid of 19th century people started to give pose for wedding photography .
In the beginning of 20th century, color photography came in picture but it was initially unreliable and expensive, so most of wedding photography still practiced in black and white.
In modern time now in 21st century digital wedding photographers gives various types of services like:
1.       Indoor photography during wedding ceremony at church, temple or any other private place.
2.       Outdoor wedding photography service such as park, beach or any other location on wedding day.
3.       A complete full package of wedding photography service.
In Australia, sonu photo and video have best team for wedding photographers Sydney. They provide best photography and videography service at affordable price. For more detail you can visit or .

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